A Letter From the Creators of Cowher09.com:

We at Cowher09.com would like to express some thoughts and reflections on this day, Sunday, December 28, 2008.

With this most recent loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, all Cleveland fans surly feel a sense of helplessness.  All of our emotions have been toyed with and have been beaten down for so very long.  Year after year, we have spent hard earned money to sit in freezing temperatures to watch this disaster of a franchise.  Many of us are at our wits end.  Most of us have grown up Browns fans and have always anticipated dying as Browns fans.  This blind loyalty to our team is something to admire.

Through Cowher09.com, we have had the unique opportunity to discuss Browns fandom with people of all ages from all over the country.  This experience has taught us something.  Cleveland Browns loyalty is ironclad.

But iron can pierce.

Many fans have expressed so much frustration that they can no longer take the debilitating failures over and over.  Fans are tired.  Not in the playful “Oh well, there’s always next year” tired, but truly drained.  The fact that unwavering loyalty has lasted this long is utterly amazing.  We are in awe and deep admiration for this expression of dedication.

Late comedian George Carlin once noted that the light at the end of the tunnel could be daylight -- or, maybe, an approaching train.  With the Cleveland Browns, there are no more trains on the track.

Fellow fans, let us keep our heads up.  With the conclusion of this chapter in Browns history, a new chapter is soon to be written.  The sun will rise again tomorrow.  The Browns will again prepare for the NFL Draft.  The team will participate in their OTA’s, training camp, and preseason games.  Then, in about eight months from now, we will be starting anew.  0-0.

The upcoming weeks will determine what direction that our 0-0 record will move.  The responsibility falls solely on owner Randy Learner’s shoulders.  From the tens of thousands of fans that have expressed their voices through Cowher09.com, please Mr. Lerner, make the right decision.

Thank you all for your continuing support.  Special thanks to Tony Grossi, Tom Withers, Chuck Galeti, Jeff Tanchak, Brian Duffy, Bob Frantz, Karen Price, Jerod Morris, and Scott Petrak.

Go Browns,

Ryan Martz & Sam Lambert